Families of Clinton, Maine

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Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayotte, Thomas Joseph  13 Jul 1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P40901
2 Barbour, James Clark  4 Mar 1884Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3534
3 Boynton, Philip Carney  Aug 1862Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P24010
4 Butler, Clyde Cephas  29 Aug 1896Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4256
5 Butler, George Franklin  30 Jan 1888Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4696
6 Carver, Ralph Edward  11 Aug 1934Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P24132
7 Clark, Lena Mae  Aug 1880Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15334
8 Daggett, Cyrus Leslie  26 Mar 1855Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P22506
9 Day, Newell S  1843Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36063
10 Dodge, Charles Henry  7 Jul 1861Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36052
11 Dodge, Charles Henry Sr  1 Jan 1929Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36069
12 Dodge, Harold George  6 Jun 1933Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36065
13 Gross, Albert A  1868Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16422
14 Gross, Alzina M  1893Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16421
15 Harvey, Charles Willis  5 Dec 1895Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P31250
16 Holbrook, Elizabeth M  25 July 1873Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P11915
17 Holland, George H  1861Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P10563
18 Lasalle, Cora Ada Spear  22 May 1868Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4833
19 Leighton, Nellie Frances  2 Jun 1855Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P23388
20 Lovejoy, Harry Shaw  25 May 1880Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15387
21 Marden, Emma F  1852Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P35494
22 Marriner, Arthur Clifford Sr  22 Feb 1941Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15156
23 Marriner, Arthur J  21 Dec 1909Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15158
24 McRae, Otis L  1879Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4405
25 Newhall, John Smith  17 Jun 1910Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16410
26 Oxton, Berneice Vena  16 Jul 1899Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P18564
27 Packard, Robert Messer Sr  23 Oct 1869Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P7555
28 Parreault, Sheila L  23 May 1946Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1131
29 Patterson, Marion E  1899Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4337
30 Perry, Edwin Chapman  30 Dec 1864Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P9655
31 Perry, Fanny  7 Jun 1863Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P9637
32 Pettee, George Tilden Jr  28 Jul 1895Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P20553
33 Rackliff, Margaret A  1856Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P14235
34 Rackliff, Nancy H  1849Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P14236
35 Richards, Anson Michael  Jul 1834Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P22963
36 Richardson, Percy Washburn  29 Jun 1888Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P42672
37 Spaulding, Lucy M  18 Jan 1831Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36051
38 Staples, Nellie Beatrice  30 Dec 1918Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36728
39 Tibbetts, Bernice Fernald  19 May 1902Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P41366
40 Tuttle, James Enoch  25 Jun 1893Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P39952
41 Tuttle, Vivian Edna  16 Mar 1908Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P39948
42 Wall, Frances M  21 Aug 1861Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P41374
43 Welch, William Franklin Jr  31 Mar 1941Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P25616
44 Weymouth, Charles Alfred  25 Feb 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15429
45 Weymouth, Ida Mae  10 Dec 1862Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15428
46 Williams, Charlotte B  28 Aug 1893Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16510
47 Winchenbach, Catharine Agnes  11 Apr 1912Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15157


Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arey, Rodney Merrill  1 Mar 1916Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4407
2 Ayotte, Thomas J  10 Aug 1965Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P40807
3 Burns, Mary Josephine  19 Apr 2013Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1739
4 Carr, Adelia A  6 Mar 1939Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3536
5 Collemer, Ralph Meriom  20 Jan 1972Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15048
6 Creamer, Emma Amy  21 Jan 1954Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P43238
7 Creamer, Joyce Alta  20 Mar 2006Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P43214
8 Demuth, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1860 Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4740
9 Dodge, Annabell  22 Feb 1916Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36053
10 Dodge, Elbridge H  13 Jun 1892Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36049
11 Dodge, Viva Hall  25 Jan 1946Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36056
12 Dunham, Sarah Elizabeth  1879Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P40546
13 Dwyer, Elizabeth Pearl  25 Apr 1985Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P7354
14 Gibbs, Angela Jane  16 Apr 2011Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6796
15 Grotton, George Washington  16 May 1936Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P42983
16 Harford, Ralph W  3 Jun 1975Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3570
17 Harvey, Charles Willis  25 Apr 1980Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P31250
18 Heath, Elizabeth Nancy  6 Feb 1920Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P43837
19 Hustus, Henry Edmund  28 Jun 2003Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P10774
20 Jones, Andrew Libby  1944Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1160
21 Jones, Homer Leslie  10 Jan 1972Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P17858
22 Jones, Thomas Jr  8 Aug 1902Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P13749
23 Khoury, Sadie  7 Apr 1913Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P43476
24 Knight, Barbara E  19 Mar 1990Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P14106
25 Knight, Frank Ariel  7 Aug 1972Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P12451
26 LaLiberte, Joseph Chester  12 Nov 1960Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P43567
27 Leach, Waterman B  5 Sep 1845Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P12170
28 Mank, Bryant Sr  15 Dec 2018Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P43215
29 Mank, Catherine  28 Dec 1884Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P43253
30 Marriner, Arthur Clifford Sr  28 Jun 2005Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15156
31 Messer, Lotta Marie  14 Feb 1975Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4707
32 Morrill, Cordelia  31 Dec 1911Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P41010
33 Nash, Mary E  15 Feb 1968Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4727
34 Newbert, Bertha Angela  31 Jan 2004Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1114
35 Newbert, Golda M  31 Jul 1967Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3515
36 Newbert, Joseph Walter  22 May 1917Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16460
37 Newbert, Levander Moses  28 Sep 1965Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16239
38 Newbert, Mary A  17 Jun 1969Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P31
39 Nutt, Harriet F  30 Sep 1901Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3830
40 Nutt, John Alfred  5 Aug 1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P7252
41 Nutt, Kenneth E  16 Feb 2014Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P25729
42 Parreault, Louis A Jr  11 Mar 1985Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1134
43 Parsons, Helen Estelle  30 Jul 1962Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P33353
44 Perkins, Royce J Jr  21 Feb 2007Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P8140
45 Perry, Fanny  3 Apr 1864Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P9637
46 Perry, William  29 Jan 1853Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P9650
47 Reynolds, Myrtle Ella  18 Dec 1984Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3528
48 Scott, Frank P  9 Mar 1902Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P20297
49 Seidlinger, Ezra Martin  14 Sep 1902Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P30047
50 Skinner, Phillip  27 Jan 1903Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P8763
51 Spaulding, Lucy M  28 Jan 1898Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36051
52 Start, Caroline Felton  25 Feb 1978Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6401
53 Stevens, Clara H  14 Oct 1968Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16357
54 Wall, Frances M  5 Aug 1919Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P41374
55 Wellman, Alton J  21 Sep 1969Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6685
56 Williams, Charlotte B  13 Sep 1893Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16510
57 York, Franklin Cushing  18 Apr 1912Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P29655


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barbour, James Clark  7 Mar 1884Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3534

Honorable Discharge

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Honorable Discharge    Person ID 
1 Newbert, Leander Merian  22 Jan 1919Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P28

Induction into United States Army

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Induction into United States Army    Person ID 
1 Butler, Clyde Cephas  14 Aug 1918Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4256

Induction into WWI

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Induction into WWI    Person ID 
1 Newbert, Leander Merian  25 Jul 1918Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P28


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Newhall, Stephen  19 Sep 1871Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6601


Matches 1 to 100 of 118

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allyn, Merton David Sr  1962Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P10033
2 Allyn, Merton David Jr  1962Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3874
3 Babbidge, Benjamin Franklin  1 Jun 1870Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P10433
4 Baird, Lorena A  1 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P13403
5 Barrows, William S  1875Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P11709
6 Baum, Charles Leslie  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3571
7 Boynton, Sophia  1 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P24344
8 Boynton, Sophia  1 Jun 1870Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P24344
9 Burns, Jane S  1954Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1734
10 Butler, Adelphus O  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4691
11 Butler, Adelphus O  1 Jan 1920Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4691
12 Butler, Adelphus O  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4691
13 Butler, Bernard Ulmer  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4693
14 Butler, Bernard Ulmer  5 Jun 1917Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4693
15 Butler, Franz Howard  1938Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1129
16 Butler, Franz Howard  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1129
17 Butler, Jacob Ward  1 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P17831
18 Chaples, Charles Frederick  12 Sep 1918Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P39036
19 Clark, Mary Jane  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15433
20 Clark, Mary Jane  1935Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15433
21 Collamore, Ethel M  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15436
22 Collamore, Harry Leroy  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15438
23 Collamore, Leonard T  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15435
24 Collamore, Nellie  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15437
25 Collemer, Erastus Adelbert  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15050
26 Condon, Elsia M  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P9607
27 Coose, Laura Emma  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1116
28 Cotta, Elmer Charles  1961Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6035
29 Cromwell, Minnie E  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16713
30 Day, Cora Alice  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36061
31 Dodge, Alice May  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36057
32 Dodge, Arthur R  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36067
33 Dodge, Arthur R  1956Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36067
34 Dodge, Charles Henry  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36052
35 Dodge, Charles Henry Sr  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36069
36 Dodge, Earl Frank  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36070
37 Dodge, Harold George  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36065
38 Dodge, John Elliot Jr  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16577
39 Dodge, John Elliot Jr  1935Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16577
40 Dodge, LeRoy Edwin  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36068
41 Dodge, Lord Earl  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36055
42 Dodge, Virginia Louise  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36066
43 Drinkwater, Maud Ellen  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P18535
44 Follansbee, Nellie Anna  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16569
45 Follansbee, Nellie Anna  1937Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16569
46 Follansbee, Nellie Anna  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16569
47 Hilt, Jesse Sprague  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6623
48 Hisler, Bessie F  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6586
49 Hunt, Ralph Merton  1962Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3854
50 Johnston, Frank Edwin  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P15427
51 Jones, Andrew William  15 Apr 1910Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1159
52 Jones, Esther Ann  15 Apr 1910Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1152
53 Jones, Esther Ann  1962Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3845
54 Knight, Frank Sherman  1954Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P12444
55 Laury, Vivian  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36060
56 Linnekin, Clara Maud  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P17865
57 Maddocks, Herbert Newell  1935Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1156
58 Maddocks, Orissa F  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4339
59 Mahoney, John J  1 Jun 1880Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16695
60 Milliken, Myrtle Mary  1962Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P23687
61 Moody, Austin Mero  1 Jan 1920Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P9606
62 Moody, Austin Mero  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P9606
63 Moody, Theodore Ernest  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1329
64 Moore, Frank A  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4345
65 Morang, Roger S  1954Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P14202
66 Murry, Foss  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P92
67 Newbert, Bertha Angela  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1114
68 Newbert, Frank L  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16501
69 Newbert, Frank L  1937Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16501
70 Newbert, Frank L  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16501
71 Newbert, Golda M  1939Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3515
72 Newbert, Joseph Walter  1875Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16460
73 Newbert, Leona  15 Apr 1910Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P24
74 Newbert, Leona  1935Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P24
75 Newbert, Lionel  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P32
76 Newbert, Lois L  1 Jun 1880Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P16430
77 Newbert, Lora Stephen  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P9725
78 Newbert, Louise Marie  1939Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P41
79 Newbert, Mabel Evelyn  1938Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1113
80 Newbert, Mabel Evelyn  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P1113
81 Newbert, Mary A  1931Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P31
82 Oliver, Madonna Genieve  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P17913
83 Oliver, Madonna Genieve  1935Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P17913
84 Overlock, Cleveland Delmont  1939Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3531
85 Philbrook, Gerene Annie  1962Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P3848
86 Pullen, Elsie M  1954Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P14201
87 Rackliff, James B  1 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P14237
88 Reynolds, Lona Marie  1 Apr 1940Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P10491
89 Shaw, Elsa B  1 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6562
90 Skinner, Phillip  1 Jun 1870Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P8763
91 Smith, Sarah M  1 Jun 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4694
92 Smith, Sarah M  1 Jan 1920Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4694
93 Smith, Sarah M  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P4694
94 Soffayer, Sheheen  28 Sep 1905Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P43475
95 Spear, Freeman Harden  21 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6842
96 Staples, Nellie Beatrice  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36728
97 Staples, Willie Earl  1 Apr 1930Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P36734
98 Tappan, Laura E  1 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6569
99 Tappan, Moses IV  1 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P6563
100 Tappan, Nellie Frances  1 Jun 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA P2358

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Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barron / Storms  24 Jul 1911Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F3170
2 Butler / Smith  5 Mar 1895Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F903
3 Butler / Smith  9 Apr 1910Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F905
4 Coombs / Benson  3 Oct 1895Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F10098
5 Coombs / Greer  18 Sep 1900Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F10097
6 Gross / Newbert  21 Sep 1889Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F4134
7 Jones / Boothby  2 Jan 1911Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F12170
8 Maker / Elwell  13 Jan 1871Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F951
9 Mank / Benson  6 Aug 1912Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F10099
10 Mank / Miller  19 Nov 1910Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F15638
11 Moody / Condon  2 Sep 1922Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F2074
12 Parreault / Newbert  17 Jun 1939Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F689
13 Perry / Fisk  7 Nov 1863Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F2091
14 Perry / Seavy  15 Mar 1860Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F2088
15 Richards / Hall  21 Jul 1858Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F6414
16 St Clair / Condon  20 Apr 1907Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F3254
17 Staples / Chaples  24 Dec 1918Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F13398
18 Taylor / Perry  2 Jun 1888Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F6904
19 Tibbetts / Wall  30 Oct 1895Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F14738
20 Tuttle / Curtis  1891Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F13915
21 Wadsworth / Jones  14 Aug 1915Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F989
22 Webb / Parreault  31 Dec 2003Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F4398
23 Weymouth / Young  14 Aug 1859Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F3819
24 Wooster / Scott  10 Mar 1902Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F5595