Families of Clinton, Maine

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Nova Scotia, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1780Nova Scotia, Canada P26032
2 Mary  1812Nova Scotia, Canada P26031
3 Mary  Aug 1853Nova Scotia, Canada P41698
4 Mary Ann  11 Jun 1815Nova Scotia, Canada P35345
5 Bartley, Thomas  24 Apr 1823Nova Scotia, Canada P27643
6 Bartley, Thomas Edgar  2 Sep 1853Nova Scotia, Canada P27704
7 Bates, Eliza  1834Nova Scotia, Canada P27081
8 Bent, Sophia Lavinia  1836Nova Scotia, Canada P30203
9 Boudreau, Anthony  Aug 1905Nova Scotia, Canada P41694
10 Boudreau, William  Oct 1878Nova Scotia, Canada P41692
11 Boyle, James Patrick  24 Dec 1880Nova Scotia, Canada P18376
12 Brown, Hannah  1769Nova Scotia, Canada P42592
13 Burns, John  12 Jan 1811Nova Scotia, Canada P35346
14 Cameron, John C  Dec 1859Nova Scotia, Canada P12292
15 Campbell, Donald Alexander  30 Apr 1859Nova Scotia, Canada P34248
16 Canavan, Margaret  12 Jul 1857Nova Scotia, Canada P21087
17 Cary, Mary  1791Nova Scotia, Canada P21064
18 Coffill, Preserved  1785Nova Scotia, Canada P26033
19 Coffill, Sarah Polly  1807Nova Scotia, Canada P34417
20 Comeau, Firman  1785Nova Scotia, Canada P12408
21 Comeau, Margaret  1847Nova Scotia, Canada P12401
22 Comeau, Winifred M  21 Jan 1912Nova Scotia, Canada P14257
23 Cook, Richard  1817Nova Scotia, Canada P35845
24 Cook, Samuel  4 Jul 1869Nova Scotia, Canada P26984
25 Corbett, Robinson  1805Nova Scotia, Canada P34418
26 Corbett, Susan A  1833Nova Scotia, Canada P34415
27 Corkum, Lillian Mae  1885Nova Scotia, Canada P8911
28 Cossar, William  1816Nova Scotia, Canada P3867
29 Costley, Gordon Lewis  18 Jan 1908Nova Scotia, Canada P5190
30 Crabe, Sophia Adelia  7 Jul 1857Nova Scotia, Canada P32708
31 Crosby, Teresa  Nova Scotia, Canada P14255
32 Croucher, Nellie  Nova Scotia, Canada P34016
33 Dailey, Annie  10 Apr 1865Nova Scotia, Canada P43449
34 Davidson, Joseph A  Nova Scotia, Canada P7557
35 DeLong, Joshua James  1870Nova Scotia, Canada P34284
36 Elderkin, Alice E  1915Nova Scotia, Canada P21839
37 Elderkin, Charles D  1908Nova Scotia, Canada P21841
38 Elderkin, Charles E  1870Nova Scotia, Canada P21834
39 Elderkin, George E  1912Nova Scotia, Canada P21840
40 Elderkin, Grace O  1901Nova Scotia, Canada P1594
41 Elderkin, Otto W  May 1881Nova Scotia, Canada P21418
42 Elderkin, Thomas  1825Nova Scotia, Canada P23806
43 Elderkin, William Henry  22 Nov 1891Nova Scotia, Canada P21417
44 Everett, Jeremiah Skidmore  1828Nova Scotia, Canada P15949
45 Fletcher, Annie  Nova Scotia, Canada P27508
46 Foster, Abraham  1810Nova Scotia, Canada P31407
47 Gardner, Colin C  Apr 1855Nova Scotia, Canada P22046
48 Gardner, Mabel  Jul 1877Nova Scotia, Canada P30745
49 Graves, Alberta M  1881Nova Scotia, Canada P21833
50 Hamilton, Stewart  1835Nova Scotia, Canada P10638
51 Hermans, Mary  1805Nova Scotia, Canada P19368
52 Jedrey, Everett  1868Nova Scotia, Canada P41702
53 Lewis, Norman  1841Nova Scotia, Canada P14252
54 Longmire, Sarah Lillian  1873Nova Scotia, Canada P30604
55 Lyman, Oliver W  1830Nova Scotia, Canada P23889
56 MacDonald, Agnes J  Aug 1847Nova Scotia, Canada P13143
57 Magite, Hannah  1795Nova Scotia, Canada P16879
58 Mailman, Vernon William  2 Dec 1907Nova Scotia, Canada P13090
59 Marsters, Emma Sophia  1867Nova Scotia, Canada P33895
60 Mattatell, Elizabeth M  1867Nova Scotia, Canada P17151
61 Mattatell, Thomas  1825Nova Scotia, Canada P17155
62 McCallum, Clarence  1882Nova Scotia, Canada P20221
63 McCollum, Margaret  Apr 1807Nova Scotia, Canada P6497
64 McCowan, Sarah Ann  1801Nova Scotia, Canada P34420
65 McCurdy, Thomas Alexander  26 Aug 1823Nova Scotia, Canada P8414
66 McFadden, Stewart  4 Sep 1818Nova Scotia, Canada P26050
67 McFadyen, Annie B  Nova Scotia, Canada P34256
68 McKenzie, Anne  1824Nova Scotia, Canada P7679
69 McKinnon, John I  Nova Scotia, Canada P35987
70 McMullin, Bessie Mabel  1880Nova Scotia, Canada P6494
71 McMullin, Estelle Jane  27 Feb 1889Nova Scotia, Canada P6488
72 Melanson, Mary Melvina  1869Nova Scotia, Canada P3364
73 Miller, Charles B  Oct 1855Nova Scotia, Canada P27349
74 Miller, Charlotte T  1880Nova Scotia, Canada P27336
75 Morris, Isaac  Nova Scotia, Canada P12005
76 Nichols, Sarah  Nova Scotia, Canada P12004
77 O'Connell, Louisa L  Jul 1855Nova Scotia, Canada P22045
78 Ogilvie, Ann R  Sep 1833Nova Scotia, Canada P9066
79 Peoples, Martha Mary Long  1830Nova Scotia, Canada P3866
80 Pierce, John J Sr  1821Nova Scotia, Canada P30787
81 Pitman, Abigail Jane  1799Nova Scotia, Canada P17183
82 Powell, Abigail  11 Mar 1827Nova Scotia, Canada P17206
83 Powell, Mary E  1835Nova Scotia, Canada P17205
84 Presley, Kenneth  1787Nova Scotia, Canada P26048
85 Ragon, John  1 Jan 1800Nova Scotia, Canada P30751
86 Rector, Ebenezer Joseph  1849Nova Scotia, Canada P22720
87 Rector, Edward J  May 1877Nova Scotia, Canada P22722
88 Richardson, Josiah  Nova Scotia, Canada P34017
89 Robinson, Beverly Edward  Sep 1866Nova Scotia, Canada P27221
90 Rogers, Lucy Anne  1833Nova Scotia, Canada P23805
91 Ruggles, Unk  Nova Scotia, Canada P1797
92 Russell, Maria J  Dec 1869Nova Scotia, Canada P12291
93 Sanborn, Black Hawk  Mar 1868Nova Scotia, Canada P13190
94 Sawyer, Elida Annie  Jan 1860Nova Scotia, Canada P21950
95 Scott, Ella J  Mar 1888Nova Scotia, Canada P357
96 Scott, Francis Patrick  1834Nova Scotia, Canada P16878
97 Scott, George Edward  18 Jul 1882Nova Scotia, Canada P351
98 Scott, Helen Josephine  7 May 1894Nova Scotia, Canada P350
99 Scott, James Chester  3 Aug 1896Nova Scotia, Canada P355
100 Scott, Matthew William  16 Jan 1887Nova Scotia, Canada P356

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bates, Eliza  Nova Scotia, Canada P27081
2 Cleveland, Anne  1836Nova Scotia, Canada P7477
3 Coldwell, Daniel  13 Dec 1849Nova Scotia, Canada P7470
4 Comeau, Firman  Nova Scotia, Canada P12408
5 Comeau, Harriette  1932Nova Scotia, Canada P12404
6 Crosby, Teresa  Nova Scotia, Canada P14255
7 Lewis, Arthur Ernestine  16 Feb 1920Nova Scotia, Canada P39510
8 McCarthy, Nancy  21 Jan 1888Nova Scotia, Canada P6499
9 Pitts, Thomas  Nova Scotia, Canada P7478
10 Scott, Walter Valentine  7 Mar 1987Nova Scotia, Canada P16881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Scott, Michael  1841Nova Scotia, Canada P353


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coates, William W  Jan 1846Nova Scotia, Canada P8373
2 Comeau, Amina Charlotte  23 Feb 1864Nova Scotia, Canada P7619
3 Dwyer, Edward  17 Mar 1826Nova Scotia, Canada P6050
4 Dwyer, Edward  1828Nova Scotia, Canada P6050
5 Scott, Helen Josephine  7 May 1893Nova Scotia, Canada P350


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coffill /   1803Nova Scotia, Canada F11347