Families of Clinton, Maine

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New Hampshire, USA


Latitude: 43.1938516, Longitude: -71.5723953


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caroline A  1822New Hampshire, USA P16676
2 Eliza J  1811New Hampshire, USA P38580
3 Hannah W  1840New Hampshire, USA P12863
4 Maria  1828New Hampshire, USA P8673
5 Mary  1812New Hampshire, USA P24750
6 Mary J  1839New Hampshire, USA P17143
7 Abbott, Asa Alwin  28 July 1874New Hampshire, USA P3775
8 Abbott, Esther M  1896New Hampshire, USA P17128
9 Abbott, Ethel V  1912New Hampshire, USA P17121
10 Abbott, Etta D  1876New Hampshire, USA P17136
11 Abbott, Hazel E  1906New Hampshire, USA P17123
12 Abbott, Henry  Mar 1851New Hampshire, USA P17130
13 Abbott, Herman M  1910New Hampshire, USA P17122
14 Abbott, Irving  1877New Hampshire, USA P17135
15 Abbott, Leona V  1898New Hampshire, USA P17127
16 Abbott, Marshall  1878New Hampshire, USA P17134
17 Abbott, Milan H  1899New Hampshire, USA P17126
18 Abbott, Ronald J  1904New Hampshire, USA P17124
19 Abbott, Son  1879New Hampshire, USA P17133
20 Abbott, Wallace  1873New Hampshire, USA P17137
21 Abbott, William Benjamin  24 May 1826New Hampshire, USA P17132
22 Abbott, William D  1901New Hampshire, USA P17125
23 Aldrich, Dana  1868New Hampshire, USA P32122
24 Allan, Eldesta  27 Oct 1917New Hampshire, USA P3870
25 Allen, Phillip A  1915New Hampshire, USA P5632
26 Allen, Phillis A  1912New Hampshire, USA P5633
27 Allen, Samuel A  1890New Hampshire, USA P5624
28 Appleton, Charlotte M  1844New Hampshire, USA P33518
29 Arey, Gladys F  1895New Hampshire, USA P3370
30 Bachelder, Lyman Wilbert  1 Mar 1907New Hampshire, USA P34699
31 Bachelder, Stewart Harlan  1903New Hampshire, USA P34700
32 Bean, Betsey  1795New Hampshire, USA P27132
33 Bean, William Alfred  1815New Hampshire, USA P32069
34 Berry, Lizzie A  Jul 1865New Hampshire, USA P23843
35 Blanchard, Jeanette B  10 May 1905New Hampshire, USA P4424
36 Burgess, Dorothy P  1912New Hampshire, USA P5697
37 Buzzell, John R  1806New Hampshire, USA P24751
38 Buzzell, Jonathan S  1814New Hampshire, USA P35769
39 Carpenter, Leon Samuel  20 Oct 1881New Hampshire, USA P4795
40 Cates, Jonathan  1801New Hampshire, USA P34524
41 Charity, Napoleon J  1905New Hampshire, USA P35834
42 Checker, Nancy  1832New Hampshire, USA P29753
43 Chesley, Keturah  16 Mar 1816New Hampshire, USA P32885
44 Cole, Darwin R  1840New Hampshire, USA P12572
45 Cole, Herbert O  1867New Hampshire, USA P12573
46 Cone, Winnifred M  1913New Hampshire, USA P16735
47 Danforth, Ellen Ida  1863New Hampshire, USA P34703
48 Davis, Jonathan C  1804New Hampshire, USA P5119
49 Davis, Martha  6 May 1792New Hampshire, USA P40128
50 Drowne, Eli Howard  Sep 1897New Hampshire, USA P13393
51 Drowne, Howard L  Jun 1869New Hampshire, USA P13391
52 Dufresne, Donna M  New Hampshire, USA P12852
53 Durette, Lillian  1889New Hampshire, USA P34347
54 Durette, Matilda  1890New Hampshire, USA P34346
55 Durgin, Eliza  1782New Hampshire, USA P35483
56 Eastman, Ethel E  Aug 1886New Hampshire, USA P32570
57 Eastman, Rupbert S  Oct 1895New Hampshire, USA P32569
58 Ellis, Catharine  1812New Hampshire, USA P21697
59 Ellis, David  1793New Hampshire, USA P36007
60 Ellis, Edward  1760New Hampshire, USA P35970
61 Ellis, John  6 Jun 1795New Hampshire, USA P35953
62 Elo, Reino H  1918New Hampshire, USA P28447
63 Fisher, Almira Tryphosa  12 Mar 1828New Hampshire, USA P6067
64 Flanders, Susie M  1896New Hampshire, USA P39706
65 Fletcher, Abner  1787New Hampshire, USA P35527
66 Fly, Peace  12 Nov 1802New Hampshire, USA P318
67 Folsome, Mary G  1794New Hampshire, USA P6756
68 Fountain, Lydia A  11 May 1904New Hampshire, USA P14477
69 Foy, Olive  1770New Hampshire, USA P35969
70 French, Rowena C  Apr 1840New Hampshire, USA P5656
71 Gallant, Mary Jane  22 Nov 1896New Hampshire, USA P31918
72 Gault, Newell  30 Oct 1823New Hampshire, USA P34836
73 Gault, Thomas E  Jan 1826New Hampshire, USA P34834
74 Goodwin, Nathaniel  New Hampshire, USA P21689
75 Gool, Nathan  1823New Hampshire, USA P16677
76 Gordon, John  1735New Hampshire, USA P9609
77 Grant, Marantha F  1875New Hampshire, USA P3774
78 Grondin, Edwin  New Hampshire, USA P10579
79 Grondin, Eric  New Hampshire, USA P10576
80 Grondin, Joseph  New Hampshire, USA P10577
81 Grondin, Matthew  New Hampshire, USA P10578
82 Grondin, Michael  New Hampshire, USA P10580
83 Grout, Fred E  1872New Hampshire, USA P22239
84 Hanson, Ettola Blanche  20 Jul 1909New Hampshire, USA P8814
85 Hayford, Irene May  1868New Hampshire, USA P37724
86 Henderson, Joyce E  9 May 1932New Hampshire, USA P12615
87 Hews, Stephen P  17 Mar 1816New Hampshire, USA P25291
88 Hill, Hannah  1804New Hampshire, USA P38164
89 Hodgdon, Hannah  1811New Hampshire, USA P10845
90 Hodge, Charlotte  1800New Hampshire, USA P8567
91 Holbrook, Mary J  1840New Hampshire, USA P12571
92 Howard, Joshua R  Mar 1821New Hampshire, USA P39006
93 Hoyt, Susan E  1825New Hampshire, USA P24815
94 Hurd, George W  1824New Hampshire, USA P29229
95 Hyde, Henry  1834New Hampshire, USA P19054
96 Hyde, Lucy A  Aug 1831New Hampshire, USA P19041
97 Johnson, Abigail  3 Nov 1798New Hampshire, USA P14240
98 Johnson, Cynthia  1808New Hampshire, USA P39337
99 Johnson, Mary A  1841New Hampshire, USA P34727
100 Jones, Lillian Annie  1899New Hampshire, USA P8728

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hannah W  22 Nov 1859New Hampshire, USA P12863
2 Burns, Cora Mary  13 May 1960New Hampshire, USA P34688
3 Caron, Theresa G  9 Feb 2017New Hampshire, USA P17903
4 Chase, Hope Wilma  1982New Hampshire, USA P32040
5 Choate, Abigail  21 Jun 1831New Hampshire, USA P32460
6 Clark, Arthur M  New Hampshire, USA P15909
7 Cutter, Clarence Albert  29 Jul 1990New Hampshire, USA P35807
8 Dugas, Patricia  2015New Hampshire, USA P21661
9 French, Albert Clinton  1 Sep 1878New Hampshire, USA P12867
10 French, Rowena C  3 Jan 1925New Hampshire, USA P5656
11 Gallant, Amos  20 Mar 1939New Hampshire, USA P32281
12 Glover, Merle Maythorn  Feb 1960New Hampshire, USA P38940
13 Goodrum, Gertrude M  New Hampshire, USA P32547
14 Knight, Olive Abbie  1890New Hampshire, USA P16755
15 Marcoux, Leona  1960New Hampshire, USA P32280
16 Massure, Lewis H  14 Apr 1874New Hampshire, USA P35240
17 Mathieu, Joseph Floyd  22 Mar 1960New Hampshire, USA P29511
18 McLaggan, Anna I  23 Sep 1926New Hampshire, USA P30364
19 Nickerson, Drusilla  Mar 1857New Hampshire, USA P124
20 Page, Frances E  14 Sep 1910New Hampshire, USA P12544
21 Page, Harriet  5 Apr 1872New Hampshire, USA P35244
22 Provenzano, Jean Margaret  2 May 2016New Hampshire, USA P1326
23 Robichaud, George  1940New Hampshire, USA P32346
24 Scott, Doris M  1927New Hampshire, USA P495
25 Thibault, Domithilde  29 Sep 1911New Hampshire, USA P15766
26 Welch, Emily D  1901New Hampshire, USA P35478
27 Welch, Simeon S  29 Jul 1870New Hampshire, USA P35242
28 Willard, James Horace  21 Jul 2002New Hampshire, USA P5387


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beede, Lydia  30 Oct 1794New Hampshire, USA P18606
2 Knox, Mercy  15 May 1802New Hampshire, USA P35934
3 Lenihan, Mary Christine  Abt 1878New Hampshire, USA P29038


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Corliss, Levi Dame  1858New Hampshire, USA P36216
2 Danforth, Parker Tabor  1 Jul 1905New Hampshire, USA P34691
3 Gault, William H  1 Jul 1863New Hampshire, USA P34746
4 O'Malley, Frank Clyde Sr  1932New Hampshire, USA P10512
5 Perkins, Anna Frank  1932New Hampshire, USA P1756
6 Robertson, Donald G  New Hampshire, USA P15040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 Gault, William H  1862New Hampshire, USA P34746
2 Gault, William H  21 Jun 1865New Hampshire, USA P34746
3 Gault, William H  19 Dec 1865New Hampshire, USA P34746
4 Smith, Timothy Arthur  7 Oct 1861New Hampshire, USA P29270
5 Thrasher, Floramond Edward  2 Oct 1861New Hampshire, USA P5651


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Willey  1910New Hampshire, USA F1148
2 Buzzell / Allen  Mar 1790New Hampshire, USA F9012
3 Cole / Johnson  1902New Hampshire, USA F7641
4 Eastman / Lomax  1 Jul 1925New Hampshire, USA F7959
5 French / Eaton  19 Jun 1834New Hampshire, USA F3050
6 Goodwin / Tucker  15 Sep 1866New Hampshire, USA F14367
7 Hurd / Dodge  11 Nov 1852New Hampshire, USA F9452
8 Lyford / Johnson  25 Feb 1784New Hampshire, USA F12074
9 Massure / Page  10 Aug 1806New Hampshire, USA F11949
10 McKeagh / Eastman  4 Dec 1878New Hampshire, USA F10047
11 Patterson / Norris  21 Jul 1928New Hampshire, USA F2412
12 Perkins / Cumberland  1880New Hampshire, USA F2941
13 Perkins / Grant  31 Dec 1912New Hampshire, USA F2944
14 Proctor / Blood  1783New Hampshire, USA F10414
15 Purrington / Hook  1 Jan 1910New Hampshire, USA F10613
16 Swasey / Lowe  1916New Hampshire, USA F834
17 Taylor / Ryley  14 May 1884New Hampshire, USA F9488
18 Tucker / Trefethen  21 Jan 1837New Hampshire, USA F7557
19 Whitcomb / Thrasher  6 Jan 1858New Hampshire, USA F6279


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Danforth / Judd  8 Feb 1889New Hampshire, USA F11680
2 Kimball / Smith  1 Jul 1930New Hampshire, USA F5174
3 Lewis / Stanley  14 Oct 1927New Hampshire, USA F14384
4 Maxwell / Cumberland  29 Apr 1896New Hampshire, USA F2936
5 Reid / Stanley  27 Mar 1920New Hampshire, USA F11775
6 Rosebrook / Welch  2 Nov 1897New Hampshire, USA F12039