Families of Clinton, Maine

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New Brunswick, Canada


Latitude: 46.5653163, Longitude: -66.4619164


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza Jane  Aug 1847New Brunswick, Canada P15041
2 Elizabeth G  1845New Brunswick, Canada P10206
3 Mary A  1809New Brunswick, Canada P40801
4 Adams, Isaac  3 Sep 1848New Brunswick, Canada P14562
5 Adams, John  1854 New Brunswick, Canada  P39799
6 Adams, John Colby  31 Mar 1833New Brunswick, Canada P37484
7 Adams, Martha Ann  May 1839New Brunswick, Canada P22765
8 Adams, Sarah  1806New Brunswick, Canada P1292
9 Adams, William Holman  1840New Brunswick, Canada P39759
10 Addington, William  1801New Brunswick, Canada P24233
11 Allen, Mary Jane  6 Aug 1838New Brunswick, Canada P25647
12 Allen, William West  1806New Brunswick, Canada P25692
13 Anderson, Ambrose  29 Jul 1882New Brunswick, Canada P7190
14 Anderson, Annie Beatrice  Mar 1892New Brunswick, Canada P20968
15 Anderson, Charles Ellis  Feb 1885New Brunswick, Canada P7189
16 Anderson, Charles W  27 Feb 1834New Brunswick, Canada P8950
17 Anderson, Harold Kenneth  19 Jan 1896New Brunswick, Canada P20974
18 Anderson, John Evert  Oct 1893New Brunswick, Canada P20967
19 Anderson, Minnie  Jan 1880New Brunswick, Canada P7191
20 Anderson, Rhoda  1887New Brunswick, Canada P7188
21 Anderson, Richard W  21 Apr 1923New Brunswick, Canada P21041
22 Andrews, Isabelle  Jul 1829New Brunswick, Canada P1964
23 Arsenault, Delena  1 Jul 1854New Brunswick, Canada P22045
24 Ash, Ann  New Brunswick, Canada P19688
25 Ashey, Cyril  Oct 1849New Brunswick, Canada P6763
26 Ashey, Daniel  1874New Brunswick, Canada P9734
27 Ayles, Acenath  1830New Brunswick, Canada P31241
28 Bamford, Kenneth  1 Sep 1880New Brunswick, Canada P10997
29 Bamford, Verna May  4 Aug 1906New Brunswick, Canada P10953
30 Barker, Martha A  1809New Brunswick, Canada P7187
31 Barnes, Ann  1837New Brunswick, Canada P39103
32 Bartley, Leonard William  29 Jan 1856New Brunswick, Canada P23162
33 Beach, Chalmers Blakeney  1 Jun 1853New Brunswick, Canada P3596
34 Beach, Freeman Joseph  23 Dec 1879New Brunswick, Canada P10113
35 Bell, Elijah  1839New Brunswick, Canada P22766
36 Bishop, Patrick Joseph  17 Feb 1865New Brunswick, Canada P36859
37 Bissett, Elizabeth Marion  1811New Brunswick, Canada P8362
38 Boone, Arlington  28 Sep 1893New Brunswick, Canada P31940
39 Boone, Basil Sedences  17 Sep 1909New Brunswick, Canada P31939
40 Boone, Sarah  1819New Brunswick, Canada P30589
41 Bowles, Edith F  Sep 1890New Brunswick, Canada P23580
42 Bradley, Abigail  1822New Brunswick, Canada P7781
43 Brewer, Amos  1835New Brunswick, Canada P29571
44 Brooks, Hester A  1835New Brunswick, Canada P40741
45 Brothers, Maud A  13 Feb 1881New Brunswick, Canada P27030
46 Brown, Francis  1830New Brunswick, Canada P34550
47 Brown, John A  1833New Brunswick, Canada P40742
48 Bryson, John  1835New Brunswick, Canada P40574
49 Bubar, Elizabeth  19 Aug 1814New Brunswick, Canada P27086
50 Buckingham, Solomon  1809New Brunswick, Canada P7279
51 Budrow, Mary E  1873New Brunswick, Canada P32131
52 Bunten, Sarah D  New Brunswick, Canada P17158
53 Burns, Mary Elizabeth  9 Apr 1843New Brunswick, Canada P38942
54 Burt, John  1848New Brunswick, Canada P29401
55 Butler, Charlotte  Nov 1878New Brunswick, Canada P27052
56 Caldwell, Charlotte A  1841New Brunswick, Canada P30373
57 Camick, David  1845New Brunswick, Canada P12325
58 Camick, Mary  1871New Brunswick, Canada P12329
59 Camick, Wilmot E  1870New Brunswick, Canada P5773
60 Campbellton, Jeremiah C Sr  15 Aug 1839New Brunswick, Canada P22046
61 Carr, James  1845New Brunswick, Canada P27084
62 Carr, Nancy Ann  1877New Brunswick, Canada P27042
63 Carr, Olive  1825New Brunswick, Canada P10540
64 Carr, Perley Burns  17 Dec 1903New Brunswick, Canada P23908
65 Carr, William A  1812New Brunswick, Canada P30590
66 Carson, Matilda  1851New Brunswick, Canada P18881
67 Case, Charles  May 1838New Brunswick, Canada P7665
68 Case, Hannah H  16 Aug 1844New Brunswick, Canada P30780
69 Casey, Samuel  1802New Brunswick, Canada P27259
70 Charters, Ward O  1818New Brunswick, Canada P30894
71 Christy, Charles E  25 Jul 1871New Brunswick, Canada P16643
72 Clark, Ephraim  1805 New Brunswick, Canada P40903
73 Clark, Frances M  1812New Brunswick, Canada P1765
74 Clark, Glenn LeRoy  11 Aug 1918New Brunswick, Canada P25283
75 Clark, Nathaniel  1836New Brunswick, Canada P29420
76 Clarke, Maria Isabella  Sep 1828New Brunswick, Canada P10923
77 Coffey, Catherine  1843New Brunswick, Canada P22012
78 Cole, Edith  5 Oct 1878New Brunswick, Canada P38213
79 Cole, Elizabeth S  Feb 1871New Brunswick, Canada P9260
80 Collier, Susan  12 Apr 1824New Brunswick, Canada P5856
81 Collins, Mary E  15 Oct 1876New Brunswick, Canada P33694
82 Cordrey, John W  Jan 1843New Brunswick, Canada P40559
83 Corey, Judson  1871New Brunswick, Canada P38967
84 Corey, Mary  1815New Brunswick, Canada P10158
85 Cormier, Mathilda  1859New Brunswick, Canada P27693
86 Corning, Alvin  1875New Brunswick, Canada P7992
87 Corning, Celice  1887New Brunswick, Canada P7990
88 Corning, Hattie  1872New Brunswick, Canada P7993
89 Corning, Jeremiah  1880New Brunswick, Canada P7991
90 Corning, Josiah  1839New Brunswick, Canada P6951
91 Corning, Josiah Acel  New Brunswick, Canada P1776
92 Corning, Lucy J  25 Nov 1884New Brunswick, Canada P1786
93 Corning, Mary  1842New Brunswick, Canada P39032
94 Corning, Mary B  15 Sep 1840New Brunswick, Canada P16886
95 Cote, Julia  1880New Brunswick, Canada P38259
96 Cox, Hannah  New Brunswick, Canada P16889
97 Craft, Emily Maston  19 Aug 1840New Brunswick, Canada P8152
98 Crawford, Sarah Ann  1821New Brunswick, Canada P36267
99 Crocker, George Albun  1880New Brunswick, Canada P25067
100 Crone, Hollis S  1909New Brunswick, Canada P7014

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1842New Brunswick, Canada P39419
2 Adams, Isaac  8 Feb 1915New Brunswick, Canada P14562
3 Bissett, Elizabeth Marion  9 Mar 1901New Brunswick, Canada P8362
4 Case, Martha Everett  11 Feb 1896New Brunswick, Canada P7030
5 Cropley, Flora Irena  22 Jun 1983New Brunswick, Canada P34907
6 Cropley, Ida Ella Verona  5 Feb 1939New Brunswick, Canada P7373
7 Cropley, Matthew Guy  26 Aug 1924New Brunswick, Canada P30593
8 Dobson, George Garrett  New Brunswick, Canada P24003
9 Doody, Zackariah  1924New Brunswick, Canada P27082
10 Dunn, Laura Emily  17 Sep 1991New Brunswick, Canada P14911
11 Elston, Charles Edward  13 May 1889New Brunswick, Canada P8361
12 Elston, George Washington Sr  New Brunswick, Canada P8431
13 Flinn, Harry Lewis  8 Oct 1949New Brunswick, Canada P1007
14 Foster, Lenora Almeda  5 Oct 1936New Brunswick, Canada P31937
15 Golder, Annie  Jun 1884New Brunswick, Canada P10461
16 Gorman, Benjamin  1907New Brunswick, Canada P18866
17 Gorman, Christina  New Brunswick, Canada P18864
18 Gorman, Ernest Roy  New Brunswick, Canada P18861
19 Graham, Daniel Sr  25 May 1898New Brunswick, Canada P31901
20 Green, Harriet Jane  12 Apr 1878New Brunswick, Canada P25293
21 Hamilton, Jennie  11 Aug 1914New Brunswick, Canada P25295
22 Holmes, John  1859New Brunswick, Canada P33781
23 Keezer, Eva Jane  1943New Brunswick, Canada P22861
24 Kennedy, Letitia  1885New Brunswick, Canada P31900
25 Kierstead, Elizabeth Ann  13 Apr 1911New Brunswick, Canada P10115
26 Kierstead, Gershom  13 Sep 1878New Brunswick, Canada P39426
27 LeClerc, Theophile Octave  11 Apr 1932New Brunswick, Canada P40753
28 Leeman, Guy Burton  25 Jan 1986New Brunswick, Canada P34760
29 Lewis, Felix  1856New Brunswick, Canada P14990
30 Marr, Hanna Matilda  28 Jun 1860New Brunswick, Canada P39425
31 Marr, Richard  12 May 1862New Brunswick, Canada P39430
32 Martin, Caroline Jean  12 Aug 1882New Brunswick, Canada P30396
33 Merritt, Agnes Sophia  1957New Brunswick, Canada P38929
34 Morehouse, Charlotte  12 Jan 1852New Brunswick, Canada P30599
35 Nixon, William  4 Nov 1902New Brunswick, Canada P40815
36 Poulin, Mary  1993New Brunswick, Canada P30990
37 Reid, Thomas Dunn  27 Feb 1951New Brunswick, Canada P29651
38 Saunders, Robert  24 Dec 1886New Brunswick, Canada P22857
39 Stanley, George Checkley  Feb 1899New Brunswick, Canada P10926
40 Taylor, Durham Peter  1985New Brunswick, Canada P7887
41 VanTassel, John Robert  20 Aug 1879New Brunswick, Canada P7031
42 VanTassel, Martha Sophia  11 Feb 1947New Brunswick, Canada P7588
43 Webb, Weston Samuel  2 Mar 1953New Brunswick, Canada P9210
44 Weldon, Elizabeth  20 Oct 1868New Brunswick, Canada P8438
45 York, Richard Phillips  27 Aug 1888New Brunswick, Canada P40891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Farquharson, George  1873New Brunswick, Canada P8260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashey, Peter  1872New Brunswick, Canada P6375
2 Bennett, Hulda M  1873New Brunswick, Canada P25786
3 Bissett, Elizabeth Marion  1804New Brunswick, Canada P8362
4 Buckingham, Solomon  1811New Brunswick, Canada P7279
5 Coates, William W  1852New Brunswick, Canada P8276
6 Collins, Elizabeth Ann  1828New Brunswick, Canada P1751
7 Cumberland, William  1820New Brunswick, Canada P349
8 DeWitt, Olive Amelia  1813New Brunswick, Canada P7278
9 Dow, Sarah A  1837New Brunswick, Canada P7349
10 Dwyer, Emma N  May 1858New Brunswick, Canada P7309
11 Dwyer, William A  1856New Brunswick, Canada P2580
12 Easler, Silas Edmond Sr  1846New Brunswick, Canada P1799
13 Farrell, Caroline  1861New Brunswick, Canada P7355
14 Farrell, David  1833New Brunswick, Canada P7348
15 Farrell, George Albert  1868New Brunswick, Canada P7362
16 Faulkner, Ellsworth  1862New Brunswick, Canada P982
17 Flinn, David  Jan 1851New Brunswick, Canada P1009
18 Gould, Charles H  1873New Brunswick, Canada P7560
19 Howe, John Norton  3 May 1882New Brunswick, Canada P7691
20 Howe, Margaret Jane  31 May 1884New Brunswick, Canada P7749
21 McLain, Thomas Edward  13 December 1887New Brunswick, Canada P23581
22 Moody, Elvira K  15 January 1846New Brunswick, Canada P76
23 Moody, Elvira K  Aug 1848New Brunswick, Canada P76
24 Moody, Henry  Aug 1844New Brunswick, Canada P79
25 Stewart, Eugenia  1873New Brunswick, Canada P446
26 Stewart, Frances Elizabeth  1852New Brunswick, Canada P998
27 VanTassel, Sarah Anne  28 Aug 1862New Brunswick, Canada P5874


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Manuel, Georgiana  31 Mar 1871New Brunswick, Canada P9359
2 Manuel, Silas  31 Mar 1871New Brunswick, Canada P10541


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Fisher  7 Dec 1874New Brunswick, Canada F14185
2 Boulier / Conley  6 Oct 1916New Brunswick, Canada F1659
3 Clark / Malcolm  19 Dec 1917New Brunswick, Canada F7368
4 Dobson / Killam  1853New Brunswick, Canada F6882
5 Faulkner / Day  10 Jun 1893New Brunswick, Canada F261
6 Gorman / Rider  22 Dec 1891New Brunswick, Canada F5178
7 Hanson / Morehouse  25 Feb 1817New Brunswick, Canada F9580
8 Jardine / Scott  5 Apr 1941New Brunswick, Canada F9931
9 Knox / Burt  8 Jul 1856New Brunswick, Canada F8957
10 McDonald / Shepherd  1883New Brunswick, Canada F1685
11 Rouse / Mason  22 Nov 1880New Brunswick, Canada F11323
12 Smith / Jellison  29 May 1900New Brunswick, Canada F3713
13 Stewart / Collins  1850New Brunswick, Canada F1491
14 Stewart / Sutherland  24 Jul 1893New Brunswick, Canada F1492
15 Webb / Hanson  1867New Brunswick, Canada F9570
16 Webb / Hanson  30 Jul 1867New Brunswick, Canada F9571